Monday, June 27, 2011

St. Paul View from the Window at Old Town Artists

This was last night at the Old Town Artists studio, and I chose to spend a bit of time playing with an 8 x 6" canvas I had on hand. There was already a painting on this canvas, a mockup for a commissioned piece that I didn't get.

To be clear, I had no regrets about not getting that job. You get things or you don't, and it's never personal. Trouble was, that little canvas wasn't a painting I liked much, and I was tired of having to see it all the time. So I just painted over it in something of a loose and haphazard fashion, with the colors I happened to have on the palette at the time. Some days, the required focus for Serious Art simply isn't there -- but I did want to play.

It was an enjoyable process even if I am not sure what I'll ever do with the resulting painting. I'm terribly disappointed in the way the photo appears on this blog, too; something about Blogspot's software seems to dull it down, and I am not sure why.

One thing, at least: I like it better than the one that was on the canvas before.

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  1. I always like your skies, and this one is great.