Friday, April 27, 2012

Computer Bugs (and traffic jams) for Art Crawl

These are made of salvaged electronic components -- transistors, resistors and fuses, oh my -- and polymer clay. All are quite small, and most are priced around $12 to $18. They'll be available at Saint Paul Art Crawl THIS WEEKEND, as well as more at Tarnish & Gold Gallery in NE Minneapolis.


I even made a  Trojan Horse!

If you're coming out from Minneapolis, be aware that I 94 Eastbound will be CLOSED from Friday night through Monday morning! Closure is from 35 W to 280, so be sure to find a detour if you'll need one.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blue Pony, found objects, polymer clay, oil paint and wax medium, 12 x 12"

I lost some sleep creating this one. Kind of a lot of sleep in fact.

What happened was, I mistook one deadline for another and ended up with something like 72 hours to come up with two entirely new works. Oops!

This and the Red Bird are the result of that deadline. I had to simply make things; there was no time to second-guess myself. Though I hope not to pull almost-all-nighters again any time soon, I can't say I'm sorry I did it this time. 

What I'm loving are the various interpretations I'm hearing from people. Everything from "Aztec" to "Pony Express." I have my own associations with the piece, but I'm leaving those unsaid for the moment.

The Blue Pony and Red Bird are part of the This Old Mouse show at Tarnish & Gold Gallery in NE Minneapolis, starting tomorrow night at 7 p.m.; if you come out, I'll see you there.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just completed: Red Bird

Found/salvaged objects, polymer clay, oil paint, wax medium.  7.75" high.  Just done today, and the paint's not dry yet.

I've had many of these objects for a very long time -- the decorative piece that forms the base of the wing, and the wire mesh part; I've had the old hinge that made the stand for it for a couple years at least. Bought the polymer clay yesterday for a dollar on sale. The electrical components come from OceanTech in NE Minneapolis.

This is going into a show; stay tuned for information on that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dalmatian in Progress

Annie, 8 x 10" mixed media on Rives BFK Tan paper.

And I have a dilemma, which is whether to try putting a backdrop (softly drawn in a neutral tone) of avocado branches and leaves behind her. This dog LOVES her avocado tree. And eats avocados whenever possible, too.

But the busy spot pattern on her coat is such that I'm nervous about adding anything busy to the background, lest it compete with her and make the drawing "noisy." So I'm torn, and thinking it over.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mercedes the Chihuahua (or: 45 minutes & a snapshot)

Just completed in about 45 minutes at the Saint Paul City Ballet.  I had that much time, and a snapshot for reference. These drawings aren't as detailed and accurate as my usual drawn portraits (which take around 4 hours), but have a lively, sketchy quality all their own.

Thanks to Georgia Amdahl for the opportunity to do this.