Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dumpster Pony gets a New Home

I went to take my recycling out and noticed something odd in the big Dumpster. On close inspection, I found that this poor fellow was clean, dry, soft, and in perfectly good repair. He'd simply been tossed out.

My inner five-year-old was aghast. I could surely find someone who would love him, so I took him in, snapped a couple photos, and plunked him onto my Facebook page, where (to my surprise) he got more interest and comments than almost anything else I've ever posted. One friend re-named him the Velveteen Pony and another begged me to send him to her for her little granddaughters.

So Velveteen Pony will have a new life in Florida, after I draw his portrait. And I will continue dumpster-plucking without shame, because some things just shouldn't be landfill fodder.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Red Winged Blackbirds

Two of four are now finished. Both 10 x 8" and on the same heavy, cotton-fiber paper.  These are birds I've always loved to watch, bright and energetic as they are; they make me happy, and I hope to share some of that joy in these paintings.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Big Honking Sunflower

Drawn from life at my friend's studio, a giant sunflower taken from her garden. Its arched stem and wildly curved petals reminded me of Art Nouveau, so I used pen to emphasize those lines and echo that style a little.

I like to make floral art at approximately life-size, which in this case meant BIG. It's 11" x 15",  layers of pen, watercolor, and acrylic on heavy cotton-fiber paper from France. All the edges are deckled or torn, so it'll do great float-mounted in a standard 16 x 20" or 20 x 24" frame. Available, $250.

Next on the flower agenda: Peonies from another friend's garden! I'll be grabbing a vase full today, before they're gone for the year.