Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Mixed media drawing on cotton rag paper. This is what I did for fun after finishing my commissioned pieces last night. Something is clearly not right in my brain, but ... as still life goes, it's more interesting than Ye Olde Wine Bottles and Fruite, yes?

Granddad, Granddaughter, and Horse

Some of you may recall this commission from earlier. It is now hot off the easel after a very busy holiday rush. Click to enlarge. Photo has some glare on the horse's lower neck, chest, and front legs, so I'll have to try again for photos in different lighting.

And you may or may not recall my source photo. You can see here how much I edited out the "noisy" background trees to put the focus on the figures, and the adjustment I made so that the horse could have his feet back!  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bichon and a Dachshund

Sketches from owners' snapshots, both 8 x 10" mixed media on cotton rag paper.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lounging like a Christmas Greyhound

Okay, technically Christmas Eve Greyhound. Hugo is a big old gentleman, well-seasoned and kind, looking stylish in his brindle coat. I sketched him last night as he napped through the second half of a party. I felt he had the right idea, with the napping; I've been dead on my feet, myself, but the party was a joy.

Today of course is the holiday and I am not supposed to work, but chances are that I will, because there's something I want to do and it won't feel like working. I'll post the results, probably tomorrow night.

At the moment it is one of the more beautiful mornings I've ever seen, and I am going to get my shoes on and go walking in the clear December sunlight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Winter Painting at Hopkins Honda

These were done before Thanksgiving, but I just got photos yesterday afternoon. All are acrylic (water based) paints directly on plate glass, and will be removed sometime in spring. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things on the Horizon?

Several days ago I got a call about an opportunity to be part of a nationwide community-level campaign for a product I happen to enjoy.

I won't know for another two or three weeks whether I've made the chosen team of artists for the Twin Cities, and until then, I won't be talking too much about this project or naming any names, but it feels really good to be in the running at all.

Meanwhile, I am making dog portraits like a madwoman, due to the rush of Christmas commissions! Here, in progress, is a 12" square drawing that'll be shipped to the UK on Tuesday. Yellow Lab puppies, so adorable. This is pastel and carbon pencil, watercolor, and pastel on Rives BFK Tan paper.