Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Minneapolis Alley and a few Phlox -- or why I sometimes hate my scanner

Actual colors. This being a book, though -- I can't lay it truly flat to photograph it.
The scanner flattens the paper nicely -- but look how muddy the colors are. Ugh.

These were done just after I left an appointment in the Southwest Metro. I had a little extra time and the alley and flowers were right there, waiting for me.

I often dislike feeling that I've got to carry a purse, but it helps to have a sketch book in there. :-)


  1. i love the Minneapolis alley across from phlox. is it for sale? if it is could you e-mail me and let me know? how much? i love that one.
    - mary wickstrom

  2. :-)

    I'd be delighted to sell it to you. Email to arrive shortly.