Monday, July 20, 2009

Sketches from life at Chez Greyhound

"We named the dog Indiana," said Sean Connery to Harrison Ford in that wonderful movie -- and so Indiana the Greyhound got her name. She loves to lounge around on her back, and I love how she looks when she does.

This one, above, is my favorite. I did all these yesterday, enjoying the challenge of drawing live, moving animals. Because I know the pose will change at any moment, I have to work quickly and get bolder than I'd be if I were using a photo. I like the results a lot.

Above, Biscuit the Greyhound. She's a cute girl too, but not as inclined to strike lovely poses for me.

These drawings have all been sold, but click here for more Greyhound drawings!


  1. Hi, Tracie, I was looking for grayhound drawings to use in my blog and I found your wonderful works. I am using one of them right now, so I wanted to ask you for your permission; and of course, I will take it out if you don't allow me.
    Anyway, congratulations for your great drawings. Greetings from Chile!

  2. Hi, Héctor!

    I'm happy that you chose to ask me about using my drawing. You have my permission to use it; in fact, I'd love it if you would link the image either to this blog or to my website,

    I'll be staying at the House of Greyhounds again this weekend and I hope to come back with another drawing or two.

  3. very beautiful... good job tracie

  4. These pictures are amazing! Truly beautiful. I'm obsessed with greyhounds and I have a lovely boy called Guinness! Once a grey owner always a grey owner. Your pictures really depict the true greyhound nature...lovely.
    Zoe McDonald

  5. Zoe,

    I'm not sure if you'll get a notification from this or not, but just in case: I just now got an email from Blogspot with your comment, and it's giving me a great big smile.

    I'll be at Chez Greyhound again, from tomorrow night through next Friday, and will be making more drawings while I'm there. I do sell these, and pretty reasonably at that, so if you see one that strikes your fancy, let me know.