Monday, June 6, 2011

Pegasus sketch for a ceiling mural

Sketch for the ceiling of a girl's room. I'd have this on my own ceiling if I could.
This is one of the things I'm working on today. One of several. I think it counts toward my 30 Days even though it's my job, right?

What I do is visit the house and take snapshots of the area the owners want painted. I then print those photos onto plain paper, sketch my design ideas right in, and scan the drawing and email it to the client. It really helps them see what I have in mind and give me feedback.

So that's what this is -- a preliminary sketch in pastel pencil and a couple colors of pastel, on a snapshot I took at the house. Colors and other things will be refined and adjusted as I go (the pinks here really shifted toward a dull yellow tone -- not much like what I actually drew; and the red-clay colored lines will be a pretty blue-violet in the actual painting).


  1. Looks like a little girl's dream come true, and like a lot of fun to paint.

  2. I would have KILLED for this as a kid. I still wouldn't mind having it. I want to do something rather Redon-like with the colors and textures, wheeeee!

    I've just sent it to the client and we'll see what they think.