Saturday, June 18, 2011

Awkward Exits & Gerber Daisies at Anita Sue Kolman Gallery

Anita Sue's Gerbers and Awkward Exit, both 5.5 x 3" ballpoint and watercolor.

Last night I went to see the new exhibit at Anita Sue Kolman Gallery in the Northrup King Building. Very impressive work -- vibrant and bold, well worth the time to go check it out.

Anita had used small pots of bright Gerber daisies for path-markers on the way to her gallery (if you've ever visited Northrup King, you'll know why folks need a guide!), and so I took a few minutes out to draw one. In ballpoint, because that was what I had. Art doesn't always require sophisticated materials.

Later, heading home, I noticed the red door. An awful lot of people look at what I do and lament, "I can't even draw a straight line!" -- and I always wonder what makes them think I can.

The watercolors for both of these, I added this morning.


  1. Love the awkward exit. And I have found that one very seldom has any need of drawing a straight line, so few things have any.

  2. Something about the Awkward Exit did remind me of you, though I wasn't sure why. Perhaps just the humor in the title.