Friday, June 3, 2011

"30 Days of Creativity" Challenge

You'd think that, for a professional artist, 30 Days of Creativity would be a piece of cake.

Amazingly, it isn't. Even if you do this for a living, other mundane chores and obligations and distractions tend to drown out your actual creative work.

I've taken this on, for the same reason I've been walking a couple miles most days, of late. It requires effort, feels good, expands my view of the world, makes me feel better than I did.  The Iris from Wednesday and the two little salvage things -- Katie Bar the Door and the Tall Vine House -- from yesterday were done with this challenge in mind.

What I love is seeing what others are doing with it. Some people are trying new recipes, others are sewing, writing poetry or essays, taking photographs, you name it; it's not limited at all to people like myself who are pros, either. So, until the end of June, expect a daily post here with the thing I created the day before. We'll see if I can maintain it for a month, and what the results are if I do.


  1. *watches this space*

    I think this is an excellent idea--and you're right, the challenge is finding your creativity somewhere inside the everyday, mundane things, keeping that spark in spite of the chores and obligations. I will cheer for you!

  2. I think I'll do my own 30 days of creativity 'off the record' to see what I can accomplish in my current condition. However, I'll be creating more than art: sewing, cooking, etc. not the same type of creative thing, ya know? Jen...I look forward to seeing your works.

    (This is your friendly FL fairy posting anonymously cuz I'm avoiding the rigamarole of choosing an account to post from.)