Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peonies, a Strawberry, and a Field Easel

10 this morning and I set up out in front of La Patisserie, that fabulous little bakery at the corner of Snelling and Randolph in St. Paul.

Pink Peony, 5 x 5" oil on canvas by Tracie Thompson. My prize trophy for the day, just $40 at my shop.
Proper stance is important while painting! Um ... maybe not, but it's a more physical activity than most folks imagine.
Shiny Strawberry, 5 x 5" oil on canvas. One of the $40 "Snack Food" series.
Josephine Geiger (at JA Geiger Studio -- she is an amazing stained glass artist) gave me a bouquet of peonies from her yard. My joy knew no bounds. I love, love, love peonies; I may have a Problem. I do not Care.

Painting them, though! Intimidating, to say the least. That peony was another case of having to keep telling myself, well, why not? The Worst It Can Do Is Suck. 

What I learned: Let go more, trust myself more. I actually made two peony paintings today. The first took about four times longer than the second, and you don't see it here because it isn't half as good. Chances of my destroying it and painting a different, freer picture on that canvas: approximately 100%.

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