Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing with Zug the Cat

Let's Play (Portrait of Zug), watercolor and pastel on paper, about 12 x 14"
 This is the second of what will be three drawings of Zug. Most animals I draw or paint, their characters and images come pretty easily. A few are much, much more challenging, for reasons I've never really understood; Zug -- a brilliant prankster by all accounts -- is one of those. He seems to need a much more vivid, bold treatment, so I broke out the pastels and struggled with "working" on him until I got so frustrated I didn't care if "work" turned to "goof around and see what happens."

That was when it all started going right.

So I like this one, and yet I have an idea, or a feeling, in my mind, and I am going to make a third drawing although Zug's person has not asked me to. Just because of an artistic instinct or impulse: I'm getting some darker paper today, and I am going to play again with Zug as soon as I can; probably tomorrow in the studio.

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