Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday, with Old Lilies

Gallery Lilies, 8 x 11" Conte crayon on brown paper, 2009
Well, "old" as in, I drew them a couple years ago while gallery-sitting at Robbin Gallery, and then posted and promptly forgot about them, though they're still in my sketch book.

This morning I got an email from a large publishing house in the UK, asking permission to use the drawing in an upcoming book on drawing skills and materials, for the chapter that includes Conte crayons. Checked out the contents of the book and looked up the publisher and author; I found everything solid, and said yes. The publishing house owns several imprints I know from the days when I worked at Barnes & Noble. Nice, nice company. Note that this is TENTATIVE at present as the project is still in progress and it's not certain my image will be used. Still an honor to be asked. Provided all goes forward as planned, I'll post again when the book is released.

The drawing is still available at $40 unmatted or $55 with a museum-quality 11 x 14" mat.


  1. Thanks! It'll be fun if it happens; right now I'm just pleased someone noticed. The power of putting one's work online.