Thursday, January 26, 2012

Derek Davis sketched me

This was back in July, when I was working on a set of three oil paintings, on commission. Derek joined me, since I was working outdoors at Battle Creek Park, and he broke out the sketch book and watercolor kit and caught me in action. I love the result so much. It looks so fresh and cool, in stark contrast to the brutal heat of that late afternoon. I'd have just about killed for an ice cold beer.

It seems pretty common for artists to sketch each other at work. I do it, and so do many other artists I know.

Derek's main focus is landscape painting in oil, and he's really, really good, and he teaches. Look him up here, or sign up for one of his classes at Old Town Artists where we are both members.


  1. That is awesome. He totally captured your stance, gesture, even the way you hold your head. If you ever wondered what you look like painting, there ya go.

    1. Yep, he's really good, and really FAST. While I'd love to think I'm just ~special~, he sketches other artists at work whenever he gets the chance. :-) And it pretty much always looks this good.