Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hellooooo, Blue Moon!


Okay, the cat is unrelated (except that I like him), but I have news!

Back in mid-November I got a call from a marketing firm in Colorado, looking for artists to be part of a community campaign for Blue Moon Beer. This was exciting for many reasons, one of which is that Blue Moon has been a favorite of mine for years. But it was hardly a done deal; I still had to audition, as it were.

And then, as one might expect, I had to wait and see. Well, the waiting is over:


I'll update with more info when I have it, but essentially what this means is, I'll be at local events at local establishments, helping regular folks paint a large and very cool Blue Moon painting which will stay in that bar once the event is over. I love to teach, love to talk to people, and have found beer to be a wonderful means of getting folks past their fear of picking up a paintbrush, so I think this is going to be really, really fun.

They're flying me to Denver next month for a day of training. I can't wait. When we start to schedule actual events, I'll post them here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


  1. what do you mean the cat is unrelated? blue+moon=duh

    1. Well, yes; it's just that the beer isn't "Blue Kitty Moon" (would that be the tail end of a Russian breed?). So in that sense, the cat is unrelated. But he's handsome and I like him, and also I didn't have any other moon-art on hand.

  2. We love cats and have a beautiful long haired Calico named Prissy. She's just like me! And Tommy and I got married on an actual Blue Moon 13 years ago on Janurary 29th at 8:00 p.m. in Montana. This should count even though we don't drink Blue Moon beer. That stuff gets some of us in lots of trouble. Your picture is great!

  3. This is so awesome! Plus, as you say, a good beer.:-) Congrats!


  4. Congrats Tracie!

    Josie's Mom