Monday, May 2, 2011

Six Chartreux Kittens

Six Chartreux, oil on canvas, 20 x 32"

 This was, all told, about 64 hours' work.

Each kitten takes approximately eight hours to refine and finish, and then there's the background. And before all that can even begin, the process of determining the correct format and (in this case) buying materials and stretching a custom-sized canvas, and then getting the initial drawing in place.

The fur texture of these cats is so soft that I actually had to go buy some new brushes that could give me the right feel. None of the ones I already had would do it.

In short, these kinds of canvases are a great deal of work, but very rewarding!

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  1. I know these kittens! The original photo was taken on a terrible orange crushed velvet background that did nothing for their almost lilac color and their orange eyes. I worked with that photo (in PS) to show the owner/breeder the difference that color makes. You handled the background beautifully, and the eye color and coat texture were captured very well. Someone knowledgeable, looking at this without benefit of title, would know at once that this is a group of Chartreux kittens. Well done!