Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rut-avoidance, sidewalk poetry, or why I should've taken my camera

Walking keeps me from falling into the Endless Pit of Stress, but I realized today that I'd been taking the same route the past few times out, so arbitrarily I decided to pick another street this time. Odd how even such small changes can feel uncomfortable for a few minutes.

On the Eleanor Street sidewalk (south side, between Fairview and Howell), I found poetry stamped into the concrete, some of the letters still full of water from the morning's rain.  Lost count of how many poems; there are several, varying in length and style, all delightful.

Oh, and there's a huge, storm-broken willow on Highland, coming back to life all the same; and on Eleanor in one yard is a tree I can't identify that is bent into the the precise shape of a question mark.

Next time out, the Nikon goes with me.


  1. Excellent good.


  2. Thanks!

    I lied, though -- the camera isn't going with me on today's excursion, if indeed there is a "today's excursion." On account of the rain that's beginning to fall. It is, however, keeping the temperature down, a thing for which I, as a non-owner of AC unit, am very very thankful.