Monday, May 30, 2011

Minneapolis Mills Drawing, along Hiawatha

Hiawatha Mills study, 8 x 11" mixed media on cotton rag paper, by Tracie Thompson

2700 38th Street, Minneapolis (the Old Garage), 7 x 9" pencils on brown paper, by Tracie Thompson
This is how I spent the afternoon of 5/30. I'd gone out to draw some of the mill buildings, which have always attracted me, and found the little leaning garage by chance when I parked my truck. Sketched it, got hungry and visited the Cardinal Bar just a couple blocks away for a nice beer and a burger, before heading out again to try my hand at the mills.

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  1. Hi Tracie!
    Thanks for your comment on MY blog! I had to check yours out too, as we are both pet-portraitists! And I live just off 38th st and know the Cardinal Bar and that same garage you drew so sensitively~
    Thanks for writing- I love reading other artist's thoughts and processes- it helps me make my own choices easier!
    Maybe we'll run into each other someday in this small world!