Friday, November 30, 2012

Ponies for Christmas!

I am shamelessly ripping off inspired by Kat Corrigan's Thirty Dogs in Thirty Days endeavor, and have decided to have some fun of my own -- with horses.

Most of us, at some point, wanted a pony for Christmas. Some of us are now blessed enough to have them (in all shapes and sizes; my "pony" is a great big Percheron cross) or know people who do.

I've been drawing horses since I was ten. Now I want to expand my portfolio of equine images, and so the challenge begins. A horse a day throughout December. These will be either mixed media drawings or pastels, and sizes 8 x 10" or 9 x 9" (depending on whether the image needs to be horizontal/vertical or square).

If you have a horse (any size or breed) and would like to submit photos for my challenge, I'd love it. Email me your best shots. You will have the first right, but absolutely no obligation, to purchase the resulting piece of art.  I will set the price at a flat $99 for this, my first year of Christmas Ponies. This is a promotional price for the Pony Project only. Once these slots are filled, additional pieces will be available in a general price range from $145 to $300 depending on size and complexity of the drawing.

For some basic photography help, see my post on Getting Dog Portraits that Don't Suck; almost all of it applies to horses, the one difference being that camera distortion is more of a problem with them. I've had pretty good results by standing back a little bit and using my zoom function instead of getting too close to the big horsey nose. :-)

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  1. fantastic! i love the idea, and the subject matter...