Friday, November 9, 2012

Four years old

By the time I was in kindergarten I'd stopped making the blue strip for the sky, so I must have been four when I did this. I remember drawing like this -- vaguely, but it's there. We had a round table with a faux-marble Formica top, and that's where I made things.

Do you think, sometimes, about how much of your young self might still be hidden away, under the knowledge and bills and possessions and losses? I do, and then I make art like an archaeology dig. Not for nostalgia, because I know there's no going back.

The point is to find things I can carry forward.


  1. Love the floating rainbow! :)

  2. Look closely and you'll see it also has floating pots of gold! :-D

  3. You're going to frame this, right?