Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hopkins Honda in progress

This is my fifth holiday season doing painted windows at Luther Hopkins Honda. Still loving it.

The photo above is how it looked after around 7 hours' work -- typically the point at which I run out of steam and have to quit, or I'll later look at it and wish I had quit.

Below, how it looked at around 5 minutes,  while I was figuring out placement of the various elements.

A note for anyone out there who creates stuff, or wants to create stuff, but keeps not doing it because of that terror of "I have no clue how this works" that stops you. That fear is normal. I had it yesterday when I looked at this window, and I'll have it again today when I start the next one. And then it'll be fine. It always is.


  1. "You are, like ... inspiring me. Or something. *blinks*" ;-P

  2. You crack me up, Mr. Bear! :-D

    Today I was working on a steam train on a much larger window. Must finish the scene tomorrow for their deadline. I am tired.