Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More seeds, abstracted

Seed Flight, 12 x 12" oil paint and wax medium on panel
This panel was originally ... a dog portrait. Or rather, about half of one; I got that far before deciding I had irretrievably screwed up the composition.  I put it aside, grabbed a fresh panel, and started over.

Dog Portrait 2.0 turned out beautifully, but then I was stuck looking at the 1.0 version that didn't work. Eventually I mixed up some mostly-white paint and blotted it out, noticing as I did that there were some fun abstract patterns in the brush strokes over the background. A few weeks later, I used the panel to demonstrate abstract composition ideas to a student.

It's been through numerous changes and layers since then, and a few days ago I figured out how to finish it, at last. I hope to have a companion piece for it soon.


  1. This is one of those Supertramp paintings: It took the long way home.