Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue Milkweed in my studio today

Poof. 11 x 6", watercolor and pastel on Rives BFK Tan paper
I have committed to making something every day, even (especially!) on days when I don't "have time."

That's how this got started, at around 11:15 last night when I was already showered and in PJs and everything. I hadn't made art, but it wasn't midnight yet. And I have this stalk of milkweed pods, and a nifty halogen desk lamp that can be pointed at stuff to make gorgeous light and shadows happen.

So I started it. I didn't finish it last night; finishing wasn't the point. Starting was. I finished it just now. And I am now at least 40% happier with my life than I would have been had I not started at all, last night when it was too late to start.

Now available on my Etsy shop at $39 unframed, drawing only.

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