Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Moon in Denver

Morning on Friday, with the golden Denver sun coming into my room. I snapped a shot to catch that feeling of luxurious peacefulness. It wasn't to last, though, because I had to be out the door and hoofing it over to ...

The Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field! This is where Blue Moon got its start in the mid-90s, at the Sandlot "laboratory" facility. New varieties of Blue Moon are still being developed here all the time.

A room at the Brewery, full of artists from all over the country: this was not your typical business-training session. Here we are, playing around, I mean working REALLY HARD, right, learning the ropes of our materials and techniques for this project.

Detail of a painting in progress, above. I didn't get a shot of it finished because the light shifted (we were near windows). (Also I may have been drinking my complimentary pint of Blue Moon by then). You'll get to see it, though, when you come out to one of the Twin Cities events and help paint one yourself!


  1. Will all the paintings be the same? The detail looks different than the first one you shot.

  2. I had to post it as anonymous.

  3. There are currently two different designs, yes. Good catch on the detail! I think you may need a Google account to post under your name. Not sure.