Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jack in His Favorite Chair

This was today, at Jim Sannerud's woodworking shop at ACVR Warehouse. Jack is the Official Woodshop Dog.

Jack's Favorite Chair, 10 x 7.5", carbon pencil and pastel pencil on paper
Drawing animals from life is challenging, because they do move. What I've learned is that they will often keep returning to the same few basic positions, so if I'm patient I can generally get what I want.

In this case, I simply had to capture those white paws hooked over the seat cushion. Fortunately, his feet were the things Jack moved the least; it was the head that kept shifting around.


  1. Beautiful drawing !

  2. Thank you! It's a particular favorite of mine. :-)

  3. Tracie, I'd love a print of "Jack in his favorite chair" ... will that ever be available? Are you going to have an art show at the coffee shop? Nokomis Beach? --Mary Wickstrom

  4. Mary,

    I'm looking at various options for having prints made. :-) I'd like to keep the quality high but keep the price reasonable, and that's going to be tricky. Will let you know!