Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Obligatory New Year Musings

Weird a year as 2010 was, hard as it's been in so many ways, I can't bring myself to do the thing I've done in the past and jeer at the old year as I leave it behind.

Because that would mean ignoring the astounding generosity of my family and friends, the stunning turn my business took in the 11th hour month, the fact that I am whole and well and blessed in more ways than 90+% of the people on this planet, and that I believe in a God who is endlessly good to me even when I absolutely don't deserve it.

It's been real, 2010. Not easy, often not fun, but real. I hope 2011 brings much less upheaval -- I could do without moving any more, for one thing -- and a lot more prosperity for all of us, but when I look around at what I already have, I am so grateful I could cry.


  1. Well, hello there, Miss Minstrel. You do know you're on my short list of People Whose Presence Made 2010 Survivable, right?