Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watercolor Pony Sketch

A Streak of Paint, 10 x 8" watercolor and pencils on cotton rag paper
This darling pony mare belongs to a friend of mine and is currently without a name. She's half Arabian, half Pinto pony, and yes, she really does have that tiny muzzle, those huge eyes, all that impossible fairy-tale-illustration stuff you might thing I exaggerated.

Her owner took the photo I used for this sketch. The art required about 30 minutes total; that's because today was a good day, and the profile view is pretty simple (well, it is is you're me and you've been drawing horses since you were ten).

Pony's owner has spoken for this piece, but if you'd like one similar to it, come see me at Saint Paul Art Crawl and bring your photos with you. I'll be sketching animals on site.

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