Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas "NO REALLY, I'M A PONY!" Number Seven

Everyone, meet Chi-Chi.

 Chi-Chi lived thirty-plus years and lit up the world of everyone around her that whole time. A bold, kind, impish little girl, she was dearly loved and is still missed daily, all this time after her departure.

I figured, if the Donkey from Shrek could be a Steed for a day, surely Chi-Chi could be a Christmas Pony. She seems to have more than earned the honor.

I left Chi-Chi's portrait slightly rough around the edges, feeling I ought not refine away all the energetic, beautiful chaos I felt was part of her character. Look closely and you'll see some of my sketching lines and stuff I only partially erased. I could have "fixed" all that, but it felt like Cheech didn't want that much restraint, so I let it go.


  1. Tracie, she's beautiful! You really captured her personality.

    1. Thanks! She was a joy to draw. By the end of the session I was just grinning. I went to do the "finish" stuff I usually do and just ... stopped, because Cheech was not into refinement or nice neat edges. So instead, I added a broken border behind her and some light on the outlines of her ears and let her be.