Saturday, September 3, 2011

Portrait of a Dog Named Ally

Ally, 8 x 10" mixed pencils and watercolor on Stonehenge cotton rag paper.
I fall kind of in love with every animal whose portrait I create. I can't help it. Paying that much attention to their expressions -- I start to sense their characters in the process.

Ally has such a softness about her that I chose to use watercolor washes to soften the edges of the drawing and lend a quiet atmosphere that matches her nature. She's so lovely. I just finished her and I can't wait to share her and her sweet, sweet face.

If you're wondering, I do most of these portraits from photos emailed to me by the owners. Prices start at just $79 for an 8 x 10" drawing like this one, which will easily fit a standard 11 x 14" photo frame. If you'd like one for the holidays, order soon; demand is increasing all the time.

I ship these all over the world. Ally, here, lives in Canada.

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