Friday, July 1, 2011

Landscape Painting at Battle Creek Park

In the photos, you can't see the heat and humidity, but I felt like I was right back in Florida! These canvases are a commission for a homeowner in Highland Park, and they are nearing completion; got some finishing to do and a lot of wildflowers to add. I had wanted to do that today, outdoors, but it looks as if we'll be getting rained upon (and possibly pummeled by hail) late this afternoon/early evening, so I'll likely have to work indoors.

Above, another Tiny Moleskine Sketchbook page, drawn on site on Wednesday as the sun was going down. The mulberry tree is in the woods near the Mississippi. I found it by chance and had very little time before it was too dark to draw, so I sketched fast and then added the color the next day.

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  1. Thanks for the pic of the canvases and paints on easel, etc - great fun to see.