Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beautiful Saturday -- with Greyhounds & a Blooming Canoe

... and now I have pictures to post.

Hound Overboard, sketch from life, 8 x 11"

Mystery Berries, 5.5 x 3.5"
 I saw the Mystery Berries while walking from home base to Nokomis Beach Coffee, which by the way is a charming place and I highly recommend it.

Landfall at 28th and 50th (the Nokomis Beach Coffee Canoe), 5.5 x 8"

For June I joined a challenge: create something daily for a month. I think I managed 28 out of the 30 days, and on many of those days I created more than one thing.

It's mostly been drawings, small ones at that. I like them, but they don't seem significant in a world that (rightly) values the Big Masterpiece. Yet my ability to see has improved. I've become more alive, woken something up in myself. If I was walking around swathed in cotton, muffled, and then suddenly it was gone -- that's how it feels. A layer of dulling insulation stripped away.

This is good, but it is not comfortable. Creativity isn't. I don't know why not.

This morning, I am at a friend's house, so I've drawn one of the dogs (again. This particular dog, Indiana, poses in the most fabulous ways).  It's sunny and lovely outside, so I'm going for a walk to Nokomis Beach Coffee, just up the street, with my backpack full of art materials. We'll see what I come back with.

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