Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crooked Little Bayou House

8.5" high; Found objects, oil paint and wax medium.  Available; $65.  This is made from a broken surveyor's stake I found along a highway in Hugo.

Below, for scale, the Bayou House in my hand. 

Here's the lower right part of the roof, where you can see part of a map printed on the aluminum.  I have no idea ow or why the map fragment is there, but it is why I chose to use this piece of metal.  If you look closely (you can click to enlarge the image), you'll see the "BAYOU" on the map.


  1. Thomas WintersteinJuly 24, 2010 at 1:01 PM


    The etched aluminum that you used as a roof looks like a lithographic plate for a USGS topographic map. I saw these plates when I visited the USGS printing facility in Reston, VA, about 20 years ago. The plates were large, they had four map images per plate. The maps were printed on a four-color press. Now the USGS does not print any maps at all. The maps are available as images that are printed on demand by anyone with a large enough ink jet printer.


  2. Tom, someone else said the same thing, but if those were litho plates, shouldn't the lettering have all been in reverse? If they'd printed this, it would have read UOYAB instead of BAYOU.

    Not only that, but what you see here is a small printed fragment on a large and otherwise utterly blank sheet of metal. I'm wondering if this was an "oops" of some kind.