Sunday, October 12, 2008

Salvage art: Corvid

Corvid, found objects and oil, 16" H x 6" W.

Someone asked me about the title. It's a genus name. Magpies, jays, ravens and crows are all corvids, members of the same family of bright, bold birds.

The red wood I used for the "roof" element came from a broken ladder in an abandoned (slated for demolition) shed. The flag is made from tin I found lying around a ruined farmhouse.

The crow is painted on what used to be the front of a small drawer. In the hole where the drawer pull was once attached, I affixed a piece of costume jewelry which had previously been glued to a very gaudy picture frame -- which fell and broke shortly after my arrival in Minneapolis.

The glass vial is one I've had for many years now. It's an antique and once held perfume; the mostly-illegible label is still attached.

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