Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday, new salvage art, et cetera.

I'm headed for my barn soon, so I hope the rain will let up; chilly and gray but the whole landscape is splashed with bright fall yellow, orange, red. So it's not bad at all, though I think I am going to need another good pair of gloves soon.

Meanwhile, new work: The Same Old Bright Idea, found objects and oil paint, 13" H x 6" W. $350.

For me this has something to do with watching our culture try to recycle the same concepts that failed the last time around -- selling the same old thing while the rest of us just try to keep the lights on.

UPDATE! This piece has now SOLD.


  1. From what did you make the sides?

  2. I found bits of wood and metal while walking around Minneapolis. That's what the sides are, just scrap I found on the ground.

    The painted part, the back/support of the piece, is a thin sheet of tin or aluminum I found at the barn. It had been part of the old farm house there. I can cut it with tin snips, which is how I got the sawtooth edges on the right side and the bottom.