Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm Sorry, Wordpress, It's Not Working Out

Robert Street Bridge, 8 x 5" watercolor and pen ©Tracie L. Thompson 2016
I'm about to transfer over to a brand new website.

The one I've had for the past three or so years ... I just have to accept that I am never going to put in the hours of effort required to get it to work for me; that I am not up for the learning curve and don't retain what I do learn about using it. It's Wordpress based, which seems to be a great thing for a great many people.

I am not one of those people. Wordpress leaves the cap off my toothpaste, then drops it in the drain. It uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn't put a new roll on. For other people it's the sharpest dressed site in the room; for me, it shows up with shoes that don't match.

It'll get better, I keep telling myself. I'll learn how to communicate, I'll spend a romantic weekend resizing all my images. I'll figure out what I said to make it "lose" my Equine Art portfolio. We can work it out!

But the truth is, we won't. I have too many other things to get done.

Breaking up, as they say, is hard to do. I like the people I've been working with and dread having to tell them I'm out.

I'm heading for Fine Art Studio Online, which I've tested and found much more aligned with how I actually will use a website -- updating images is post-and-go just like this blog, which will also probably be moving in the next week or so, as I roll over to the blog function on FASO. The notion of being more centralized and less scattered is very, very enticing.

FASO let me link my Paypal account and put "purchase" buttons and a shopping cart on my site in, literally, about two minutes, without any third-party anything. If I'm not in love, I've at least got a massive crush. So I have come to the bridge, and I'm crossing it.

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