Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beagle, Appaloosa, and Disappearing Posts


In progress right now, two of my 12" square series. I thought I had booked two horse portraits, but one of the horses turned out to be a dog! And, you know, that's all right. Just a very cute surprise.

In other news, I've just learned that if you "liked" my Tracie Thompson's Studio fan page on Facebook, chances are you're still not seeing many of my posts. Facebook now shows new fan page posts to only about 7% of the people who think they're following the page. If page owners want their own fans to actually see their posts, we now have to pay for that. If you're interested in continuing to see updates from me, Facebook will show you most of them IF you click "like" or comment on at least some of the posts you do see. 

And I'm sorry about that. I don't feel you should have to ~*engage*~ in order to get the site to do what it was supposed to do.

1 comment:

  1. I know, it sucks. There's a person who posts a lot and because I've liked some of them, I now see almost everything. There are some people and groups I almost never get to see. I really do like FB, in general, but there are annoyances, and this issue is the biggest. On the other hand, it's free.