Saturday, August 31, 2013

Louise the Greyhound

Below is the photo I was using for reference. I printed it out, then sketched the changes I'd need to make -- primarily, correcting the way the camera had "shrunk" her rear end. Copying verbatim from photos rarely makes for good art, and camera distortion is one big reason why not. 


In the photo, her tail was tucked underneath her so you could barely see it. I pulled it forward to show that adorable little Greyhound tail-curl at the end. And I thought I was done, until Josephine Geiger said, "But what's she looking at? Put an ant in there!"

I groaned, but she was right. We needed to see what had caught Louise's eye. The dog's expression and winglike ears made me think of a butterfly, so that's what I went with. Just a small one -- but enough to emphasize Louise's charming, lively character.


  1. So, I've been reading your blog. Would you write one sometime on what life is is like as a day to day artist and how you survive? I want to survive and paint. You seem to be succeeding. :-) I'm curious about taxes and generating customers as well as how you handle when you have bad art days. when is your personal busiest time of year? What all do you juggle to make ends meet every month? sincerely, abby who follows you on Facebook and once randomly called you because I thought you were a mural company who was hiring. :-) love your art

  2. Abby, I remember you! :-D You were so sweet, and I wished I had mural work so I could have hired you.

    You probably called shortly after I had that one big job that got me featured in the Star-Tribuine. I had hoped it would lead to a lot more work, and instead it led to my realizing that there really wasn't a market for murals here, because absolutely nobody called me. Nothing happened. That was when I really started shifting my focus to animal portraits.

    I'm still working on the "making a living at it" aspect, and I would be happy to talk more about that as things progress. I've found this blog, and linking it on FB and Twitter and (now) Pinterest, very very helpful.

    Drop me an email, let me know where you are; if you're local maybe we can meet up at Art Crawl or something.

  3. Tracie

    We have just received the drawing of Louise
    It looks even better in the flesh than on the web site
    I can not tell you how please we are with this picture
    Thank you so so much for your time and effort


    Dave and Sharon