Saturday, June 30, 2012


Snobs, 10 x 20" oil on canvas
 So this is going to the Maple Grove Arts Center today, for the Art & Food Show which opens on July 13th.

The photo -- ugh, glare, and I can't get the colors accurate to save my life. You'll need to come see it.


  1. OMG!!! You're right! You CAN'T get the colors right! I know your work well enough to know these colors aren't right. Wow!

    However, my first reaction is to laugh at the fruit-snobbery!! Bahahaha!! I love your humor!! I'm at Starbucks using my iPad via wifi and trying hard not to lol but my huge grin is making me very conspicuous! Hee!

    1. I think that if you take the purple out of the background altogether, so that the purple stands out in the fruit, like a warm bronzy color or something light, what do you think?

  2. Hi Joelene!

    I wasn't clear, because I was posting in a hurry, but the color in the actual painting, I think looks great. It's the color balance in the photo that I couldn't get right, and it shifted darker and toward a much cooler blue-violet than it is in reality. The actual thing is more subtle, warmer in the areas that look blue-y here, and with some cooler tones in the areas here that look overly yellow.

    Photographing paintings is an exercise in endless frustration.