Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Painting a Custom ... Dog Kennel? Yep, Dog Kennel.

So this is where I was tonight, finishing this project for Pawz and Rest. It's a beautifully crafted hardwood dog kennel/bed, and I had the honor of designing an Arts and Crafts style pattern to enhance the top.

Inspiration came from various stained glass patterns and from the seeding plants I've been finding in my walks around town -- reminding me that spring will be back soon enough.

It's rare that I'm asked to do more graphic work like this, and I enjoy the process very much.

This took about fifteen hours from design to completion.


  1. That's pretty cool-a mission style dog crate. Is it a display piece for the store or for a particular client? It reminds me of our furniture painting days-remember the red tulip table?

  2. Display/sample piece, going into a big home show this weekend. :-) Yeah, I've thought often of our furniture venture. This paid better, I am happy to report. Custom work for the win!

    I'm on my way out the door right now for Hopkins Honda.