Saturday, April 2, 2011

Down Among the Briars, and an exhibit in Hudson, WI

Down Among the Briars, 40 x 30" oil and wax medium on canvas, by Tracie Thompson
 This is one of those pieces I enjoy because everyone interprets it differently.

This is at O'Neill Elder Law in Hudson, just across the river from the Twin Cities.  The space is beautiful, and the staff couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful.

Ten pieces, including Down Among the Briars, will be on display through the end of May.


  1. Thanks!

    And now I am finding dog parks in the Twin Cities so I can go forth and get more animal portrait jobs today. Making hay while the sun shines (and today, it is shining, and it's so nice).

  2. Hi, Mom!

    It's a really nice painting; if it doesn't sell, you'll get to see it when you're here. I am thinking of creating another big one, this time square, as an entry for the State Fair this year.