Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lukas the Dressage Horse, or how scanning/posting is important

Lukas, 11 x 8" carbon pencil and pastel on paper, by Tracie Thompson

Above, the drawing as it is now. After I scanned it last night and put it up here, I realized the horse's right ear (the one further from the viewer) looked "off." In my source photo, the ears were pointing sideways, but the horse's owner wanted them forward. So I was making my best guess, and I thought it worked until I saw the drawing on my monitor.

Below you can see the mistake I corrected. Look closely and you'll see that in addition to reshaping the ear, I added more shadow around the horse's mouth.
First state, before I corrected the ear.
A particularly fun, friendly horse I met in Florida while I was there in January. This drawing is for his owner.

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