Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This dog never got the memo

The one about Pit Bulls being vicious, that is.

Portrait of Peanutbutter, 12" x 9" oil on panel
Peanutbutter is a love bug. Keeps me company while I paint at the Elevator House.

Here's the snapshot I used (took this myself) as a basis for the portrait:

I'd have preferred to take pics in a spot with plenty of nice, unbroken sunlight, but that wasn't available, so I worked with what I had.


  1. hey! I just sent you an email about this one. I was impressed before I saw the photo you were working from. Good grief.

  2. Actually, as these things go, that's a pretty decent photo. It's in focus, there's no flash to kill all the light and shadow, and the composition is nice. I mostly just had to correct for the noisy background and the broken sunlight; I've had much more difficult source pics for other portraits.