Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Last Chance Bouquet, or How to Get Free Flowers

Last Chance Bouquet, by Tracie Thompson. 12 x 12" oil on panel.
These came from the intersection of Highway 52 and Plato, in St. Paul. There was a convenient empty parking lot right across the way from where the wild sunflowers, little white asters, and tiny purple thistle-like blooms were waving in the wind.

If you can find the few moments and the place to pull off the road, this is one of those unexpected happy-making things life has to offer. The flowers feel like taffeta, smell a little like honey, light and sweet. The ordinary jar you put them in becomes charming in an instant. And it feels fun and subversive, gathering flowers while other people zip by in their cars.  Be safe, of course, in traffic, but if you get the chance -- why not?

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