Thursday, April 2, 2009

Twilight the Canadian Wonder Mare

Below, Twilight tries out her new bridle. Kelly (my BFF who is holding the lead) made this bridle for her because we couldn't find one big enough to fit that huge Percheron noggin! Or, we could, but for around $200. Kell said, "Ha. I could make one for $20." And then she did.

We left the halter on under the bridle because Twilight doesn't know anything about bits yet, so we didn't want to mess with the reins. You can see she's pretty iffy about having this weird thing in her mouth.

Check out those luscious Percheron curves! Mmmmmmm.

And here's Sylvie, sitting on my bed in ... I think this would have been late August or early September. That creature at her side is Sebastian James, the Sofa Monster. He is plush and cuddly and made of recycled gold velvet hotel curtains. .

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