Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Emergency Drawing #5

Piglet #3. 5 x 7" mixed media on paper.

Snow Emergency Drawings

Continuing fun with my 5 x 7" custom-order drawings. Want one of your own? I will spend an hour on it and ship it with a mat (to fit a standard 8 x 10" frame) for $40 total.

These are two piglets (out of a set of three) which will be shipped to England soon.

Below, Ducky. Also 5 x 7" (they all are); colored pencil and acrylic, for a friend in Florida.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Snow Emergency Art Sale

Above, Seaners. 5 x 7" mixed media on paper; first of the Snow Emergency Drawings.

The other day, the City of Robbinsdale decided that a little bit of snow was a "snow emergency"and they towed my F-150 from its parking spot on the street.

I needed to recoup my losses, so I had this idea:

Drawing: $30. Your choice of subject matter. 5 x 7" in size. I will spend approximately one hour on each piece.

Mat and backing: $5. This is a soft white, 100% cotton rag mat (museum quality) and acid-free backing board that will help protect your drawing and will make it fit into a standard 8 x 10" frame. You can get the same thing at your local frame shop but it will cost a lot more.

Padded mailing envelope and shipping, US First Class Mail: $5.

Total: $35 for drawing only; $40 with mat.

I'll take payment via PayPal when I have completed the drawing, scanned it and emailed the image. Or you can mail me a check and I'll send the drawing as soon as I get it.

If you'd like one of your own, just comment here or email me.

Questions -- even "stupid" questions -- very, very welcome.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new series -- Anonymous Portraits

Anonymous Portrait #1, above, and Anonymous Portrait #2, below. Both mixed media drawings on paper, approx. 6 x 8" each.

These drawings are actually based on mug shots. I know why these people were arrested but I don't know their names.

Toy Horses #8

Little Mare, oil on canvas, 10 x 10".

This piece languished unfinished for months and months, until the other night when I picked up my brushes and attacked it, changing the entire setting of the horse. I let some of the original red show through, and the contrast with that and the green has made me remarkably happy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

You're painting where?

I've been at Luther Hopkins Honda, painting holiday things on their interior windows. A wonderful, friendly bunch of people work there and I've enjoyed it very much.

More to come tomorrow. I did a lot of work here!